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Hi, I’m Cindy Turner – CEO at Coach Central

Here’s a bit about us and your download.

Thanks for downloading the guide ‘7 Critical Questions to Ask When Hiring a Coach’ so you can be sure to hire the ‘right’ coach(es) to succeed.

The coaching market is saturated, murky and unregulated making it difficult to source and compare quality coach practitioners.

After 10 years in the trenches as a coach, it frustrates me to hear of leaders getting sub-par results or having poor experiences with coaches. Coaching should be one of the most positive, uplifting (and yes, challenging!) opportunities for growth that ultimately may shift the direction of your career and your life. So, it’s an important decision to choose the ‘right’ coach to assist you in getting your desired goals.

It is my passion to help catalyse people towards their goals and dreams and coaching is the best way to fast track your success.

Born out of passion and equal parts of frustration, I founded Coach Central to raise the bar on coaching industry standards. We have Australia’s largest network of ‘certified’, skilled and experienced coaches who have successful passed our vetting process. Let us help connect you (or your leaders) with the perfect coach.

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