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Running a coaching business doesn’t have to be hard.

We help coaches discover their unique talents and gifts and create a soulful business doing what they love.

You will receive your personalised ‘Coach’ Report and video tutorials to build the ‘right’ business for you. I have run a solid six figure coaching business for 10 years. I doubled my income when I got clear on what I do best (because these things come easily). It wasn’t until I organized myself and built my business around what I do best that success started to flow. Want to know how?

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You will receive your personalised ‘Coach’ Report and video tutorials to build the ‘right’ business for you.


  • The core fear(s) that are keeping you from success and how to eliminate them for good
  • How to increase your credibility and confidence as a coach as you align with your unique gifts and talents
  • Your absolute best pathway to achieve success for you
  • Your core motivation as a coach and how to align this with your business strategy and direction
  • Where your natural focus of attention rests and how to benefit from this
  • How you are perceived by others and laser clarity as to which clients you are most likely to attract
  • The blindspots which may impact your work with your clients
  • The pitfalls and trip hazards that slow your success and strategies to address them
  • Shift your vices (shadows) to virtues and leverage from them

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Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
Just start, the world awaits you.

Hi, I’m Cindy… Author, Inspirer and Catalyst.

I live a free and adventurous life, on my terms (is there any other way?). I’ve run a successful coaching business for the last ten years and I know just how rewarding it is. To do what you want, with who you want and make the money you want.

And I’m super passionate about helping you experience it for yourself. After all, the world is waiting for the very thing you’re here to give.

A little bit about me…

I am an entrepreneur and visionary of what’s possible. I love to challenge the status quo and activate others to get more of what they want. My greatest passion is to help you see the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of.


You can built the RIGHT business for you with your personalised ‘Coach’ Report and video tutorials.

I believe:

That you are the author writing your story
That you can have anything you want
That you possess gifts and talents that are unique to you
That certainty and confidence make you attractive
That life throws you curve balls to teach you valuable lessons
That life’s challenges are what define you
That there’s always another way
That real success is when your work allows the full expression of you
That you can build the right business that’s right for you
That you are bound for great things
That your best life is waiting for you to step in to