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Coach Matching

Chemistry is key. We have developed a unique coach match methodology that matches the coachee with the right coach. We look beyond the presenting issue and match based on personality type, learning style and natural preferences.

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How It Works:

  1. Intake
    Each coaching process starts with an online assessment and intake call. During a telephone conversation we map the objectives of the coachee and/or the organisation.
  2. Match
    Based on our unique matching method, we match the employee to the right coach.
  3. Introductions
    We connect the coach and coachee and their coaching collaboration commences. Our involvement and oversight ends here.

Outsourced Coach Management

We relieve your HR team and manage the end-to-end engagement of your coaching programs. From initial intake to coach-matching to evaluation, done for you.

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How We Assist:

  1. Intake
    Each coaching process starts with an online assessment and intake call. During a telephone conversation we map the objectives of the coachee and/or the organisation.
  2. Match
    Based on our unique matching method, we match the coachee to the right coach.
  3. Coaching Agreement
    We provide personal coach agreements for every client. Herein we include the goals, the desired results, the amount of sessions and other practical matters.
  4. Continuous Quality Check and Evalution
    Every coaching process is evaluated independently by Coach Central. Every quarter, the organisation receives a general report with insights and advice.

Get the perfect match

“Are you looking to bolster your leadership effectiveness?”

Neuroscientific research shows us that ‘attuned relationships’ stimulate brain integration and the capacity for the mind to reflect on itself (Siegel, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA), a pivotal step in gaining insights and achieving sustainable behaviour change in every coaching collaboration. The quality of the match therefore, plays a significant role in this process… the magic really is in the match.

Partnering with our clients to date, we have a 97% success rate in matching leaders with their perfect coach the first time. Through a rigorous assessment process, we have developed our coach match methodology that attunes coachee and coach on over 100 variables.

We Match Over 100 Variables

• The employee’s issue

• The specialties of the coach

• The preferences regarding the coach (man / woman, type, work experience)

• The preferences regarding the approach of the coach (supporting coach or challenging coach)

• Personality type and personal values

• Cognitive and learning styles

• Motivation Strategies

• Decision Strategies

• Introversion/Extraversion

• Practical aspects (distance)

Large, National Pool of Coaches

Coach Central has a large national pool of highly experienced coaches from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds and coaching schools.  All our coaches have been independently assessed, hold recognised coaching qualifications; have both life and business experience and share a common passion for supporting others to achieve their goals. We believe that one size does not fit all. To achieve breakthrough results and build high achieving leaders the coach/coachee connection is critical.


We recognise that our clients/sponsoring organisations are the experts in identifying their needs and we compliment this with our expertise of technical assessment and a unique matching process to create tailor-made solutions that address and meet your strategic and operational requirements.

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Types of Coaching

As an independent broker, we select only the best coaches in Australia. Our network consists of specialists in different fields such as executive coaching, business coaching, career coaching, outplacement coaching and mindfulness coaching. Our coaching processes are customised to fit the needs of the organisation and it’s coachee(s).

A selection of our range:

Executive Coaching

The executive coach supports entrepreneurs, top- and higher management and board members. Our executive coaches have sufficient life, executive and board experience which makes them perfectly fit to coach in these areas.

Executive coaches accompany coachees with their professional development. They help to improve leadership capability and emotional intelligence or to deal more effectively with a changing environment.

Career Coaching

Career coaches accompany coachees with envisioning their next step as well as the search and progression towards their new career. They help coachees to function better in their current role, transition into a new role and how to reintegrate after long absences from work.

Outplacement Coaching

During times of change, transitioning employees out of an organisation is a necessary action. Outplacement coaching gives much needed support to affected employees as they transition into different roles and organisations.

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaches work with coaches to reduce stress and prevent burnout by achieving better balance. They assist coaches in setting boundaries, increasing their self confidence or redefining the balance between their work and personal life.


Looking For a Different Type of Coaching?

Or do you want to combine different types of coaching? Everything is possible. All our coaching processes are customised to fit the needs of the organisation and coachee(s).

Coaching Panels

At Coach Central, we believe leaders require different coaches to support different phases of their leadership journey. No one coach is the right solution for every situation.

Managing a dedicated coach network, Coach Central collaborates with the best coaches in Australia. However, your organisation may already have existing collaborations with other coaches. If so, we can set up a dedicated coach pool consisting of a mix of our coaches and yours, to provide more opportunities for perfect matches.

The magic is in the match!

Where does the name “Coach Central” come from?

When I was conceptualizing my ideal business and what it was intended to do, I had a visual of Grand Central Station in New York city. A majestic, vibrant space with an essential purpose. A place where people meet and gather together in pursuit of their dreams. A place where your options are limitless and your journey is just beginning.

Arriving at Coach Central, coaches are empowered to choose their ideal destination along with their preferred speed and style in getting there. It’s a powerful metaphor around connection, confidence and collaborative adventure.