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Why Work With Us?

You remain independent, but will be able to profit from Coach Central’s knowledge, support and coach network

We support you with running your own coaching practice; from strategy, marketing, sales to administration. This enables you to focus on what you do best: coaching.

We are regularly responding to enquiries for medium and large coaching projects.

You will only be matched to coachees who fit your profile. While matching, we not only focus on the coachee’s objectives, but also on personality, values and preferences. This way, both parties benefit from the coaching process. Discover here how we make the perfect match. (hyper-link to coach matching page)

We believe in development. Development of coachees and organisations, but also in the development of our coaches

Our Selection Criteria

A (certified) coach training

Membership with a peak body such as International Coach Federation (ICF)

Minimum educational level university or TAFE qualification

Minimum work experience of 3-5 years as a coach or trainer

A current and active ABN

Coaching and/or training as main activity

Continuously active in developing as a coach

Relevant work experience

Do you meet our criteria?

Coach Connect

Connect with a pre-vetted professional networks of coaches and listed in our Coach Directory.



AUD $495

per year
(ex GST)

Annual Membership

Direct access to a pre-vetted professional coach network.

Opportunity to be our 'feature' coach including interview and promo on social media.

Be a part of our Coach Directory – accessible to companies and coach members.

Promote yourself, your business, products and services to our Coach Network.

Be promoted by Coach Central throughout the year across our database and social channels.

Exclusive access to (6) online member networking and pitchfest events.

Access to coaching project opportunities.

Business Accelerator

Develop your B2B strategy and sales pipeline, increase your exposure with the guidance and support of our expert team.



AUD $595

per month
(ex GST)

Minimum 12 Month Commitment

Everything from Coach Connect, plus:

Direct connection with prospective clients.

Monthly group ‘Accelerator’ coaching Zoom sessions.

Individualised pipeline mapping and sales strategy.


Done for you End-to-end sales strategy and business development activity for your business – from pipeline through to direct connection with prospective clients.


AUD $1995

per month
(ex GST)

Minimum 12 Month Commitment

Everything from Business Accelerator, plus:

One-to-one Business Strategy Session + Individualised Sales and Marketing Strategy – from Pipeline to Pitch.

Targeted Sales Activity done on your behalf.

Monthly Sales Pipeline and Activity Reports for your business.

Our dedicated Business Development Team actively promoting your business services.

What’s Going To Get You To The Next Level?

The hardest part of building a business is not coming up with your big dream or mastering the art of coaching. You’ve got that covered. The hardest part of building a business is continuing to grow and move past the daily challenges that get in your way and stop you from achieving success.

You’ve come this far in your business, but what’s going to get you to the next level? Working harder is not the answer, working smarter is.
Most coaches become a coach because they love to help people. Not because they love selling themselves or sourcing new work. In fact, most coaches struggle with self promotion, preferring to support the success of others. And that is precisely why we’ve founded Coach Central, to promote and enable great coaches like you to build a life and business doing what you love.

Do you hate sales and selling yourself?

There are never enough hours in the day, and the constant juggle between sales and service delivery is tiring. We take the pressure off by connecting you directly with key decision makers and project opportunities.

Do you sometimes feel isolated?

No one understands the loneliness of running a coaching business more than a group of like-minded coaches pursuing the same desire for flexibility and freedom. Join this pre-vetted network for professional support and collaboration.

Do you need some guidance and support?

Running a business is a team sport, not a solo one. Do you need some guidance on staying focussed on what’s important, overcoming distractions and streamlining your business so you spend time and money on the things that will work for you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your membership level

Decide which membership is going to be best for your business and click the appropriate link on this page.

2. Sign Up Online

To sign up, you will need to complete and Application Form via the link provided to you. This is the information we use to assess your application.

3. Pre-screening process

Our coaches are all pre-screened to ensure their skills, experience and past work is of a high quality.
We require that you meet our Selection Criteria. We also will conduct two reference checks, as per the details you provide in your Application Form.
Because, let’s face it, you want to be surrounded by like-minded amazingness, so not everyone will make the cut.

4. Application Approved or Declined

Once our pre-vetting is done, applications will either be approved or declined. If your application is approved, you will be set up in our private Facebook page. If your application is declined, we will provide feedback as to why.

5. Private Members Facebook Page

In our Members Facebook page, you will have access to our pre-vetted and qualified professional network of coaches via a private online community. Here you can connect and collaborate with like-minded coaches and gain access to project opportunities via our corporate partners.

6. Be An Active and Engaged Member of Our Community

We love our members interacting and have a number of ways they can do this, including a calendar of online events that run throughout the year, a closed Facebook group and facilitated direct introductions.

About Us
Coach Central is a national coaching, learning and development and strategic management consulting company. With over 20 years of HR experience and an experienced Master Coach, Coach Central CEO, Cindy Turner is well placed to discuss human capital strategies with a deep understanding from a business, coaching and HR perspective.

We have a national pool of highly experienced professional coaches from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds and coaching schools who have all been rigourously assessed and vetted. We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know every coach we work with so we have complete confidence in putting them forward to our corporate partners.