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As an independent broker, we only work with the best, ‘certified’and skilled coaches in Australia. We have the largest network of specialists on themes such as executive and leadership coaching, career and outplacement coaching. Each of our coaches have been vetted to ensure the highest quality standards.


The magic is in the match. We have developed a unique coach match methodology that matches the coachee with the right coach. We look beyond the presenting issue and match the coachee with a coach based on over 100 variables including: personality type, learning style, motivation and decision making strategies.


We relieve over-burdened HR teams and manage the end-to-end engagement of your coaching programs. From initial intake to coach-matching to evaluation, done for you. Receive regular progress reporting to maintain oversight and manage program effectiveness.

The Coaching Market is Saturated and Murky

Leaders in every field are getting to the top of their game with the support of a great coach. Different coaches with different skills are required at different stages of a leader’s journey.

There is now a glut of coaches on the market today given coaching is the second fastest growing profession globally. The coaching market is now over-crowded, murky and unregulated making it difficult to source and compare quality coach practitioners.

With a lack of consistency in training standards and a mixed bag of coach certifications available, it’s near impossible for the unsuspecting Human Resources Director (HRD) or leader to know with any confidence who they are hiring and what results each individual coach can deliver. Apart from relying on word-of-mouth referrals and costly trial-and-error engagements, finding the ‘right’ coach at the ‘right’ time can be a daunting task.

Coach Central is Australia’s leading coach brokerage firm with the largest network of ‘certified’, skilled and vetted coaches available.

Our Mission:

It is our mission to raise the bar on coaching industry standards and to connect you or your team with the perfect coaching solution.

“Coaching takes leaders where they can’t take themselves.”

Discover how Coach Central makes the difference.

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This program has been one of the most defining moments in my life. I now resonate with what I believe to be my ‘real’ self. I am truly happy and confident that I am reaching my full potential as a person and business owner. I enjoyed the non-judgmental, frank discussions that stretched my thinking and guided me to realize my own strengths and gifts. One of my most important decisions has been to whole-heartedly pursue my ambitions rather than be left to wonder ‘what if’. I am now on the right path.


Cindy takes a holistic approach to understanding all aspects of you and your business. She really knows her stuff and I found it so easy to be open and honest with her about the challenging aspects of my business and my life. Her kind and approachable nature makes working with her a real pleasure. I particularly loved the structure and accountability which I needed to make definite progress in my business. It has kept me from being distracted and helped clarify the things I needed to do to make it successful.

Start Now
Start where you are
Face your fear
Eliminate self doubt
Believe in yourself
You are unique
And have many gifts
Start, and don’t stop
Start where you are
With what you have
Just start
For the world awaits you