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Once you are clear on your unique talents and gifts as a Coach, working to your strengths and natural flow puts you on your easiest pathway to success. Nothing makes you more attractive and confident than operating from a place of authenticity and heart. Minimise resistance in your business and capitalise on what you love and you will never work another day in your life.


Personalised ‘Coach’ Report

Make the difference you started coaching to make. You’re a skilled and passionate Coach but being profitable and running a business can be overwhelming. Get your personalised ‘Coach’ Report and video tutorials so you can get clear on your ‘why’, your core motivation and potential pitfalls so you can purposefully design your business to leverage your strengths.


Group Masterminds

Power Circles are high-performance Coach mastermind groups designed to empower and enable game-changer coaches to have greater impact and business success. Leverage the strengths of the collective group to power up your business. What would you be capable of achieving with a group of inspiring, results-oriented coaches cheerleading your success?

The Coaching Landscape Has Changed


In this new digital world, we now function in a more complex environment where we exist both off and online. Coaches are caught in the grind as they try to keep up with modern day marketing and social media strategies only to compete in a crowded and murky market. The coaching market is jam-packed with glitzy, glamorous websites and one-to-many offerings promising the next sparkly thing.

Success in this new world requires an elegant combination of outstanding coaching skills (gotta know your stuff), business acumen and a deeper connection to what sets your soul on fire. In our quest for knowledge, Coaches are more disconnected from themselves and what true success means to them. And yet, this is the very ingredient you need to connect with most for success.

My passion is working with Coaches so they become more confident, authentic and successful in every sense of the word. I love to work with those guided by their ambitions to live their truth, create real value and be in service to others. They are passionate, game-changers who are driven to leave the world a better place.

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extraordinary businesses”

Do more of what sets your soul on fire.

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This program has been one of the most defining moments in my life. I now resonate with what I believe to be my ‘real’ self. I am truly happy and confident that I am reaching my full potential as a person and business owner. I enjoyed the non-judgmental, frank discussions that stretched my thinking and guided me to realize my own strengths and gifts. One of my most important decisions has been to whole-heartedly pursue my ambitions rather than be left to wonder ‘what if’. I am now on the right path.


Cindy takes a holistic approach to understanding all aspects of you and your business. She really knows her stuff and I found it so easy to be open and honest with her about the challenging aspects of my business and my life. Her kind and approachable nature makes working with her a real pleasure. I particularly loved the structure and accountability which I needed to make definite progress in my business. It has kept me from being distracted and helped clarify the things I needed to do to make it successful.

Start Now
Start where you are
Face your fear
Eliminate self doubt
Believe in yourself
You are unique
And have many gifts
Start, and don’t stop
Start where you are
With what you have
Just start
For the world awaits you